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User Interface

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Most of the pages in the web site contain the following common elements.

The banner is non-functional. It has already been customized for your TrackAbout account.


Left Navigation

The left nav is your primary method of navigating within the web site. The left nav is organized into major functional sections. Typically, these sections correspond to groups of related functions. Enabling certain TrackAbout modules will add whole new sections to the left navigation.


Quick Search

The Quick Search block contains several search boxes. These search boxes make searching for the most common types of data in TrackAbout very easy. Just type your search into the box and hit the "Enter" key.

Note that depending on your personal configuration, the Quick Search block may appear at the top or at the bottom of your left navigation section.


The number and type of available search boxes depend on your personal configuration and the particular TrackAbout modules that are enabled within your account.

You may add and remove search boxes one of several ways:

  • Click the Prefs link in the Quick Search block to navigate to your My Preferences page, where you can add and remove search boxes.
  • Navigate directly via My Setup...My Preferences page where you can add and remove search boxes.
  • While on one of the primary Search pages, use the on-page controls to easily add and remove search boxes.


Page Body


The page body is where the bulk of the work gets done.

There are a few components of the page body.

Page Title

The title appears at the top of the body section, and also in the web browser's title bar.


In-Page Help

Most pages in the site have in-page help. Clicking on the "Show Help" link expands the in-page help.

Collapsed In-Page Help


Expanded In-Page Help


Print/Fax, Email and Export Links

Report-style pages, and pages that return tabular data will have these links near the top of the page body.

Using these links, you can print the contents of the page, email the contents of the page, or export the tabular data to an Excel spreadsheet.



The footer contains the following:

  • Link to the Contact Us page - You can use the Contact Us page to submit a support request.
  • Logged In Indicator - Lets you know the user name who is logged in.
  • Logout link - We recommend logging yourself out when you're done.
  • Link to the Community web site