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User Activity

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TrackAbout Module
Module Name: User Activity
Short Description User Activity Tracking Tracks specific activity of individual workers throughout the work day
Supported In: TAMobile 5, TAMobile 6 Rugged, TAMobile 6 Desktop
Business Process: Asset Management, Production
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User Activity Tracking Tracks specific activity of individual workers throughout the work day. It can be used in environments where customers need to track the activity of drivers or plant workers such as trip activity, equipment inspection activity, customer arrival and departure times, post-trip equipment inspection, load checks, and lunch breaks. This module replaces the need for time-consuming manual creation of paper-based special activity reports.

Why Track Mobile Workers

  • You have many mobile workers to manage
  • Many workers are unsupervised
  • A lot of your costs are in peoples’ time
  • You want to maximize the efficiency of your people
  • You should identify customers that eat up your time

Data Collection

TrackAbout software allows the buttons to be added and have customized names such as the Trip Report button added in this example.

Trip Report.png

The menu options change throughout the day depending on what user activity is initiated.

User activity actions.png

An Equipment Inspection action could allow companies to track information about the trucks being used such as the odometer reading.

Odometer reading.png

The module has the ability to record the time the driver starts driving and document the reason for any delays.

Departing base.png

Fuel costs and equipment efficiency can also be tracked.


Break times can be recorded.

Break time.png

Workflow Diagram - TAMobile 5

AppForge User Activity.png


The information collected within the User Activity Module is displayed in detailed activity reports.

Reporting Example.png

Reporting Example2.png