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Updating TAMobile 6

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About once per month, TrackAbout will send out a software update for TAMobile 6. This update requires some user input, and can be performed manually, or if you are using a remote management system, a job can be set up to update the software automatically using the cab file.

Updating Manually

When an update is available, the following message is displayed:

Install Available.PNG

Tap Yes to start the update. A downloading screen will appear:


In the screens that follow, all you need to do is tap "Next" or "Ok" (highlighted in the images below)

Installation.PNG Installation1.PNG Installation2.png

Once the installation is completed TAMobile 6 will restart.

Updating Remotely

If you are using a remote management system, you can set up a job to automatically update TAMobile 6 using a cab file. You can access the cab file from the URL below:

https://www.trackabout.com/ws/mobile/downloadupdate.asmx?k={Your Registration Key}&v={TAMobile 6 Version}

Your Registration Key can be found at the top of the Software Downloads page. When adding the registration key to the URL, be sure to add it without the dashes.

The most current TAMobile 6 version for your environment can also be found on the Software Downloads page.

Note: You should not use this method of updating TAMobile 6 remotely if a fresh install of the software needs to be done.