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Truck Load Unload and Reconciliation

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TrackAbout Module
Module Name: Truck Load Unload and Reconciliation/en
Short Description Truck Load and Manifest compliments the TrackAbout Paperless Delivery and Mobile Printing modules by sharing detailed asset information to reduce driver delivery errors and increase efficiency.
Supported In: TAMobile 5, TAMobile 6 Rugged, TAMobile Android, TAMobile iOS, TAMobile 6 Desktop
Business Process: Asset Management, Distribution, Supply Chain
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The Truck Load Module is used to provide greater accountability for assets loaded and unloaded from trucks. Situations can be caught where, for example, an asset is loaded onto a truck, but neither delivered during the run nor scanned off the truck at the end of the day.

Why You Need It

The time investment of a few additional scans, paired with a reconciliation process, can provide valuable information to help identify mistakes in the asset workflow.

How It Works

The basic mechanics of the Truck Load Module:

  • Assets are scanned onto a truck using one or more Load truck actions (Mobile Device)
  • The driver selects his truck in a Pre-Trip action (Optional/Mobile Device)
  • Compare Truck Inventory to Orders checks for any issues during the truck load operation (Optional/ AWS Page: Truck Inventory Report)
  • Sync mobile device(s) if not wireless
  • Create Truck Manifest (Optional)
  • The driver makes deliveries (Deliver/Return) (Mobile Device)
  • The assets left on the truck at the end of the day are scanned off the truck using one or more Unload Truck actions (Mobile Device)
  • Sync mobile device(s) if not wireless
  • After a truck run, the Truck Load Reconciliation OR Create Truck Load page, will point out problems where assets disappeared from the truck or were found on the truck (Web Site)
  • The Find Truck Loads page allows you to finds previously grouped truck actions (Web site)

Facts and Benefits

  • Scanning a truck takes about 5 minutes
  • Find mistakes before trucks leave the facility
  • Eliminates delivering Empty cylinders
  • Helps to locate cylinders that were loaded but never seen again
  • Generate automated and accurate truck manifests

Customizing it for You

  • You must have Locations set up as Location Type = Truck
  • Internal users must have Rugged And Simulator access or Smartphone access, and also must be marked as a Truck Driver. (If you don't have an option to mark users as Truck Drivers, then contact TrackAbout Support to enable the Truck Load/Unload feature.)

Handheld Actions

Site Actions

This page can help you find truck load records in the system. There are several filters you may apply to narrow your search, such as Location, Truck, Driver and the truck load resolution status (resolved or unresolved).

Site Editing Options


Truck Load Unload Technical Setup (For use by TrackAbout support)

If you need any of the functionality described under the Customizing it for You section, please contact your TrackAbout Support Team



Truck Load Unload Un Load Rec Reconciliation Manifest