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TAMobile 7 Android Basics

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: TAMobile 7 Android Basics
In Module: Smartphone App
Short Description Information about the Basics of TAMobile 7 on Android
Available In: TAMobile Android
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TrackAbout TAMobile 7 operates on both Android and iOS devices. This page gives some of the basics about how to use the Android application.


Information about what Android devices are support by TrackAbout TAMobile 7 are discussed HERE.

Installing the Android Application is predominantly done using Google Play store. See documentation for help with installation HERE.

Login Screen

User Name and Password

You must be set up with a TrackAbout user name and password before you can log into TAMobile 7. Please speak with your local TrackAbout Administrator to create an account.

Once you have a user name and password, these credentials will give you access to both the TAMobile 7 application and the TrackAbout Website (as long as you've been granted website access)


  • Font Size
    • Normal
    • Large
    • Extra Large
  • Vibrate on Scan

Checkbox to control whether or not you will experience the device vibrate when scanning tracking labels.

  • Production vs Test

Select whether you are connecting to your Production or Test environment. Note Not all clients have test environments.

  • TAMobile 7 version

This shows the current version of the TAMobile 7 Android application being run on your device.

Main Menu

Slide Out Menu

  • Last Synced
  • "Working From" Location
  • "Deliver From" Location
  • Settings
  • Printer Pairing

Available Actions / Buttons

The functionality available through TAMobile 7 will be displayed to you through the main menu. The buttons shown on these menus are controlled by your TrackAbout System Admin through the List Mobile Roles page. Each menu screen can hold up to 8 buttons/actions. Additional screens can be configured and you can access these by swiping Left and Right on your main menu screen.


Records stuck on device

In rare occurrences, mobile action data might get saved on the device but cannot be saved to the server because of an exception on the server side. There is a hidden "Send to Support" option on the Unsynced Records page.

To use the feature, the mobile user will need to:

  • From the home screen, open the slide-out menu
  • Tap on the Unsynced Records menu item. If this menu item does not exist, records has been pushed successfully already
  • Tap and hold the Unsynced Records text at the top of the screen. A popup menu appears

Image (6).png

  • Click Send to Support and notify support that the button has been clicked
  • Notify support@trackabout.com immediately that this has been done.