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System Administrator Role and Requirements

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Role and Responsibilities

In a typical implementation, the System Administrator role (System Admin) provides access to many important features of the TrackAbout system. Access includes:

  • User management
  • User Access Control - configuration of Roles and Permissions for other users
  • Mobile Roles creation and assignment
  • Record Editing including deletion
  • Data loading
  • System setup and administration

It is important to restrict access to the System Admin role to only those users who have been trained in all aspects of the system, from web application to mobile devices. Users with the System Admin role should also be people who have the authority to change records and to set permissions for other users.

System Admins are typically managers, IT administrators or perhaps a company owner. System Admins need to have participated in all stages of implementation, from the kick-off meeting to the go-live, including all training.

In larger client organizations, System Admins are often in a train-the-trainer role. They may be the ones escalating issues or problems to the TrackAbout Support Team.

After go-live, new System Admins can be assigned internally by existing System Admins. The ability to make such changes is needed as human resources get trained and moved to new roles, and new staff come on board.

Assignment of new System Admin

At initial setup, the TrackAbout Implementation Team will create at least one System Admin. As stated earlier, these will often be managers, IT administrator, company owner or the project managers in charge of the TrackAbout implementation project.

After initial setup and after go-live, System Admins are responsible for assigning TrackAbout users to the System Admin role.

Account reset, password or email change request

Once in the post go-live stage, TrackAbout Support will never assign a password, add new users or grant system access to a person requesting access to the system.

For users who have an email address set up in TrackAbout, TrackAbout Support can have the system send the user a reset password message to that email address. The user can also use the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page.

For requests to change an email address or add new users, or to add an email address to an existing user, TrackAbout Support will refer the user to the System Admin. TrackAbout Support can help facilitate the communication with the client's System Admin and the requester.

Administration Support References

System Admins need to be familiar and comfortable with all of the SupportWiki sections listed below: