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Stopped Assets

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Stopped Assets
In Module: Core Tracking
Short Description The Block, Recall, and Complaint (Empty and Full) actions are all used as a way to "stop" an asset from being used by most TrackAbout actions.
Available In: TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile 6 Rugged
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Stopped Assets

The Block, Recall, and Complaint (Empty and Full) actions are all used as a way to "stop" an asset from being used by most TrackAbout actions. (Collectively called "Stopped" Assets).

Information about Stopped Assets is downloaded to your TAM6 handhelds so that information can be accessible to drivers.

Notes about Stopped Assets

  • When performing an InterBranch Transfer on a "stopped" asset, the use state will not change.
  • If a cylinder is marked as complaint/stopped and the record was saved wirelessly, the cylinder will not be eligible for delivery.
  • When a driver scans a stopped cylinder as a return on a delivery, we show the driver an alert message to let him/her know that the cylinder should go to maintenance.


This is a feature available to operators during the handheld Proof of Delivery process. Operators can act on specific cylinders by associating a customer complaint with the asset. The operator will only be permitted to proceed if assets have already been scanned onto the record as returns. Otherwise, an error message will show and the operator will not be allowed to continue.

Complaint: Empty Return

Complaint: Full Return

Full Empty Complaints.png

The asset will still be included in the Return record. However, once saved to the website, the use state for the asset will change to Complaint and will not be permitted for use in most other processes until the Complaint is removed

Reason Codes

Each of the Stopped Asset actions is configured to use reason codes. These would be reasons why the customer, driver, or operator is registering the asset with a complaint.

In each action, the operator will be required to select a reason before the action can be completed and saved.


Handheld Action

The Block action is used to identify assets with issues and prevent them from being used in TrackAbout processes such as Filling, Sorting and Delivery. Blocked assets must go through the maintenance process before returning to regular service.

Block Assets Flow.png

Block Asset Validation

The Block Assets actions can include wireless lookups. This means, when an operator scans an asset, TrackAbout will look for information specific to that asset and make sure it's valid for the action.

For instance, if an invalid asset is scanned or keyed into the Block Asset Screen, an error message will be shown and the asset will not be allowed to be scrapped.

There are several scenarios in which an asset might be invalid for the action depending on the business rules enabled for the client. For example: The asset is not registered in the system The asset is in an invalid Use State for block (such as it is already "Blocked") The asset is known to be part of a bundle or pack

Block Asset Validation.png

Loading Blocked Assets through integration

This feature is available to clients using basic delivery and not POD. To use this feature, se expose an API endpoint to manage this data. (You need to be signed in to TrackAbout to access API endpoint information) Once TrackAbout has the blocked assets list, operators will not be able to add those assets to the delivery record. The operator will get a pop up message advising that the assets are blocked.


Recall functionality is useful in cases such as Lot/Batch recalls. In these scenarios, assets may be spread across your organization and out to customers. This functionality allows you to update those assets so that they can come back from customers but they won't be permitted for most actions. When a driver scans an asset in a "Recall" status, they will be alerted that the asset should go straight to maintenance. Recalls can only be set from the website. See the section on Register Complaint/Recall/Block

Register Complaint/Recall/Block for Cylinders

This page allows you to register a Complaint/Recall/Block for one or more assets in the TrackAbout system

  • You may override the Date & Time of the record you are creating. Otherwise, the record will be created with the current Date & Time
  • Operators are required to select a reason for why the asset is being marked as Complaint/Recall/Block
  • You can add assets by entering a Barcode or by Serial Number

Register Complaint Recall Block.PNG

When you submit this page by clicking the Save button, a new Complaint/Recall/Block Action record will be created based upon the selected stop reason and you will immediately link to the record's page

Complaint Record.png

For clients using asset Use States: Depending on the reason selected, the use state of the asset will be changed as follows: •Block – use state of Blocked •Complaint ¬– use state of Complaint •Recall – use state of Recall. Assets that have a Recall use state, when picked up from a customer, will alert the driver that the asset being picked up has been blocked, but can still be returned

Removing a Complaint / Block / Recall

The Clear Complaint / Block Maintenance sub-actions are used to return "Stopped" assets to circulation.

  • Users can only perform maintenance on one stopped asset at a time.
  • The 'Clear Complaint / Block' sub-actions are only available when the scanned asset is in a stopped use state (complaint (full or empty), blocked, or recalled).
  • When the user scans a stopped asset, the handheld presents a 'Reason' button they can use to view the stop details.
  • The system can also be configured to allow the user to select the resulting Use State for that asset.

Use States

For clients tracking asset Use States, upon completion of the Complaint or Block process, asset Use States will be updated to either Complaint or Block status

Retired Use State.png

Once in a Status of Complaint or Blocked, the asset will not be permitted for use in most TAM6 handheld actions.