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Sign Many (Capture Multiple Signatures)

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Sign Many (Capture Multiple Signatures)
In Module: Core Tracking
Short Description
Available In: TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile 6 Rugged, TAMobile Android, TAMobile iOS
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Are you drivers ever in a situation where several deliveries are being made to, say, several departments at a university but only one individual at the customer location is responsible for signing off on the delivery?

Through the typical TrackAbout Delivery actions (Simple Delivery or Proof of Delivery) you would need to complete each transaction and the customer signs each record. However, now, with the use of Sign Many the driver can collect a single signature for multiple deliveries.

How it Works

When completing a delivery action, the TrackAbout user must explicitly declare that they will "Sign Later", and should not collect any signature. Not even a pixel. The delivery data will then be saved on the device until the user is ready for the final customer signature, or specifies they want to save the data without signing.

The Sign Many does not represent a real action and does not create a new record. It just modifies existing delivery records on the device and assigns the entered signature to these records.

Here is how a Simple Delivery will look with the Sign Many feature turned on:

TAM7 Sign Many Mobile Action

Customizing it for You

Setting it Up

This feature saves the driver time and prevents the customer from getting carpel tunnel. It is available at no cost in both TrackAbout’s Simple and Proof of Delivery to clients using TAMobile 6 (Windows) or TAMobile 7 (Android and iOS)

If you would like this turned on, or have questions, please contact your TrackAbout Support Team at support@trackabout.com