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Scheduled Support Request Outside Business Hours

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Customers should provide at least three (3) Business days lead time to TrackAbout for any request requiring Support interventions

Example of such requests:

  • Holding integration messages
  • Bulk data load
  • Product code/ customer remapping or renaming
  • Etc...


  • Request via email to support@trackabout.com - a ticket will then be assigned and sent to the requester
  • Request detailing the purpose of the maintenance and the action for Trackabout to perform.
  • Share all contacts (name phone and email) form the people involved in the process.
  • The environment affected (Instance and environment (Prod vs. Test))
  • The date and time to start procedure (Format: Day of the week, Month, day, year and time zone)
  • The EXPECTED date and time to resume normal process (Format: Day of the week, Month, day, year and time zone). This is the earliest time that TrackAbout Support would be expected to re-enable integration messages


Depending on the work required, a fee might be charge at the current hourly rate (Contact the Support department for pricing)

Emergency fee might be charged if requested to perform outside business hours and with less than three business days notice. Provide a purchase order number at the request time.