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Reservations: Assigning Assets

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Reservations: Assigning Assets
In Module: Proof of Delivery (Paperless Delivery)
Short Description Assigning specific assets to orders
Available In: TAMobile Android, TAMobile iOS
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TrackAbout's Reseveration feature allows clients to assign specific assets to specific orders for deliver/return.

This is available for clients using TAM7 (Android/iOS) and Proof of Delivery (POD).

How it Works


  • Requires POD
  • Requires Picking (Sorting for Trips) then Loading
  • Not available for Not Scanned Assets
  • Cannot be used for Hardgoods (Consummables)
  • Requires orders to be assigned to Trucks (Cannot be used for Counter Sales)

TAM7 (Android / iOS) Process

  1. Reserve for Order
  2. Sort for Trip Load (Picking)
  3. Loading
  4. Deliver/Return
  5. Unload (As typical with POD)

Website Reporting

Reserved Inventory

This report is used to show assets that are currently reserved.

You can optionally limit the assets shown by how long they have been reserved.

Customizing it for You

Setting it Up

If you need any of the functionality described under the Customizing it for You section, please contact your TrackAbout Support Team