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Replace Barcode

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Replace Barcode
In Module: Core Tracking
Short Description This function allows you to replace/change the barcode/tag for an asset
Available In: TAMobile 5, TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile 6 Rugged
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This function allows you to replace/change the barcode for an asset while in online mode, you might need to replace your computer when:

  • The barcode on an asset gets damaged(unreadable or unscannable), and as a result you can't scan it or key it in
  • A barcode gets damaged during maintenance

You can follow these steps to replace a barcode:

  1. Tap "Replace Barcode"
  2. Scan in the barcode you want to replace, or manually type it in if the barcode is damaged. You can also type in the serial number
    1. Step 2.png
  3. Tap "Continue"
  4. The handheld will do a wireless lookup of the asset.
  5. If the asset is NOT found, you will not be able to replace the barcode.
  6. If the asset is found, a list will appear of assets that match the barcode and/or serial number
  7. Highlight the asset you want to replace the barcode for
    1. Step 7.png
  8. Tap "Selected"
  9. Scan in the new barcode for the asset, you will see the old barcode you are replacing and the serial number for the asset.
    1. Step 9.png
  10. Tap Save
  11. The record will save wirelessly