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Quick Map

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Quick Map
In Module: Core Tracking
Short Description
Available In: TAMobile Android, TAMobile iOS
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A map display of assets scanned with TAM7 is available on your TrackAbout website on the Quick Map page.

How it Works

Quick Map is only intended to be enabled for customers:

  1. Using all Smartphones, no rugged devices (because of lack of GPS capture)
  2. Having geo-location in Smartphone enabled in client configuration
  3. Having fewer than 7,000 assets. DO NOT enable this for large customers. The amount of data loaded into the page is too great and will crash browsers.

When enabled, the Quick Map page can be found in the Management Reports section. This page renders an interactive map that shows the last-known geo-location of every uniquely tracked asset in the system. Not-Scanned assets are not included.

Quick Map.png


Assets close together are shown as a cluster with a quantity number. Clicking on the cluster or zooming in expands the cluster.


Links in the ToolTip

In the tooltip popup for each asset marker, we include two links:

  • A link to the Asset History page for the asset. Opens in a new tab.
  • A link out to Google Maps, which opens in a new tab. This passes a single asset's coordinates to Google Maps. From Google Maps, a user can use all the power of Google Maps to see where his dumpster might be. A user can use Street View to see landmarks, plot a course to get driving directions to go pick up a dumpster, and share the Google Map with employees, so they can go fetch the dumpster more easily.

Customizing it for You

Custom Icons

Custom Icons can be assigned by Asset Type and is especially useful when the client has just a few Asset Types. These custom icons need to be specially created and loaded in the system. Icon creation may incur professional services fees.

Setting it Up

If you need any of the functionality described under the Customizing it for You section, please contact your TrackAbout Support Team


Missing Geo-Locations Will Result in Inaccurate Maps

The best data we could have of where an asset should be shown on a map comes from a GPS reading taken from a smartphone. If we don't have that, there's a debate as to what is appropriate to show. Rugged TAM6 devices do not capture geolocations. Users with their location services disabled, or users who have denied our app the Know Location permission, will not be recording accurate geolocations.

The page is built off a query that fetches the 'most-recent geolocation for every asset in the system'. If the latest location-setting record failed to capture a geolocation, the map will instead show the asset on the map at the last-known geolocation. This is likely to be inaccurate and misleading sometimes.