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Customer balances are determined by asset deliveries and returns. However  +, there are instances in which balances need to be modified outside of those transactions to ensure balances are accurate. These scenarios result in Accounting Adjustments.  +
Asset Classifications are an integral TrackAbout feature to structure your product inventory.  +
Asset Classifications are an integral TrackAbout feature to structure your product inventory.  +
This feature works along with Email Alerts and allows for an Excel file to be generated based on record save.  +
Establish email alert rules and push important information about assets and transactions to defined recipients.  +
A Rich Text Format (RTF) file is used as the template for the Printable Asset Agreement Form Template.  +
Asset Agreements are an agreement between you and your customer to not charge a customer rent for a specific type and quantity of assets for a specified amount of time.  +
Asset Families provides a means to group products together for the application of business rules and validation.  +
Viewing Asset History and modifying an asset  +
Allows Assets to Change Product or Item  +
Auto Classify allows an asset to be automatically classified based on the prefix of the barcode being scanned.  +
Auto-Disposal for Delivered Assets  +
TrackAbout provides support for validating numeric barcode/tag ranges for barcodes in relation to the kind of assets they're associated with (i.e. individual assets  +, bundles  +, containers).  +
Allows companies to "find" unknown assets and gather metrics about unknown asset population.  +
The process of moving assets among your internal locations. Used both during Core Tracking basic Delivery and Proof of Delivery.  +
Rules for defining workflows  +
This automated feature helps prevent duplicated information in your system.  +
This feature is used to make sure that there are enough assets on the truck to fulfill all of the orders for the day.  +
TrackAbout provides the ability to deliver and bill for items non-returnable items.  +
The Current Inventory page of the TrackAbout website lets you quickly search your entire asset population.  +