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Product Code Generation

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Feature Name: Product Code Generation
In Module: Core Tracking
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Personnel adding assets to your TrackAbout system don't need to know specific product codes. They just need to know the intended product family and the system can figure out the correct product code from the asset information entered (Size, material, ownership, etc)

How it Works

During an Add New With Lookup or a Make Bundle / Pack, clients can generate an empty product code based on the following items set on an asset / record:

  • Asset Family
  • Ownership
  • Any Custom Asset Info set on the asset
  • Bundle, Container, or Asset
  • Liquid state

If an asset family needs to have a specific product code template, it can be overridden using a template override on the asset family These combinations are set in your TrackAbout database

Customizing it for You

To utilize product code generation you must also be using Asset Families

Setting it Up

If you need any of the functionality described under the Customizing it for You section, please contact your TrackAbout Support Team

For advanced users, there is a webpage to manage your product code generation rules. Use the 'Product Code Generation Rules' page to control the behavior of the product code combination templates (these rules are stored in the CustomAssetInfoTypeCombinationProductCodePartMap table).

When a template has a Combo element, TrackAbout builds part of the product code by doing a lookup on a combination of the following fields:

Custom Asset Info Type 1 Custom Asset Info Type 2 Asset Family Ownership Type of Asset (Cylinder, Bundle, or Container) Liquid The Combo element says which asset properties to use during the lookup. If an asset matches a rule's properties, it will plug the Value to Use into the product code at the position indicated in the template. TrackAbout will only use rules that have exactly the same fields specified in the Combo element. No more, no less.