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Product Code Expiration Dates

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Product Code Expiration Dates
In Module: Core Tracking
Short Description Alert Users to when products are expired
Available In: TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile 6 Rugged
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In TAM6 and TAM7, TrackAbout can dynamically calculate product expiration dates. Sometimes this is referred to as a product Shelf Life. Once an asset has passed it's product code expiration, an alert will show to users within the mobile application.

Expiration Periods are configured based on individual products, days before expiration and the Branch Location.

It is automatically calculated based on the date the asset was filled. Users do not have to manually enter expiration dates. The calculated expiration date will show on the Asset's History page.

Expiration Date

Set up

Product Code Expiration periods must be set up by TrackAbout Support. They will need to configure your environment to use product code expiration periods.

You will need to provide

  • Product Code Name
  • Expiration Period in Days (example, 365 = year)
  • Branch Location

Clients do not have to manually collect expiration date during Filling.



The mobile application (TAM6 and TAM7) can be set up to display an alert to drivers during Deliveries and Branch Transfers to inform them of product expirations.

Email Alerts

Set up an email alert to let you know when assets are about to expire. This is done via the Alert List page.

Many client use the email alerts in conjunction with Wireless Alerts to pull assets out of circulation. The Wireless Alerts will show to users on TAM6 and TAM7.


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