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Not-Scanned Assets

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Not-Scanned Assets
In Module: Core Tracking
Short Description A feature to allow assets without tags/barcodes to be tracked for particular processes such as Production and Distribution
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When a driver scans assets as s/he’s delivering and returning them, life is good! Accurate and complete data is captured allowing us to know exactly which assets are in which locations.

In the real world, assets don’t always get scanned. Perhaps the barcode has fallen off. Maybe the barcode is unreadable. Sometimes the driver forgets to scan. Whatever the reason, TrackAbout’s unique features will help you catch and correct incomplete information.

Why You Need It

Not-Scanned assets can serve as balance placeholders for customer balances when we don't know the exact details that would allow us to track unique assets. As an example, Not-Scanned assets may be used during go-live to set customer balances based on legacy data when we don't know what unique assets should be on balance yet, or when making a balance correction for a customer and unique asset details are unknown when adding assets to a balance.

How It Works

DNS – Delivered Not Scanned Assets and RNS – Returned Not Scanned Assets occur when unique asset information is not entered into the TrackAbout system. Usually this occurs when the barcode is not scanned by the driver.

However, if a driver did not scan a barcode, this does not always result in a DNS or an RNS. If a driver is unable to scan a barcode, s/he can enter the barcode information manually into the handheld device. When the handheld is synchronized with the TrackAbout system, that barcode information will go into TrackAbout as a unique asset, not as a DNS or an RNS.

When to use

Not scanned assets can be created intentionally by added them to a record, or can be created as a result of a balance correction/adjustment Below are a some examples of why NS assets might be used and how they would be applied to the scenario

  1. Added by driver - manually attached to delivery/return action
    1. Cylinders loaded onto a truck without barcodes - manually attached on Load Truck action
    2. Drivers pick up cylinders with no barcodes - manually attached to delivery/return action
    3. Label is damaged or unreadable - added to record manually
  2. Added to existing record by admin from site – usually done during verification process
  3. When there is no scanning data we create entire records of NS from the accounting info import of deliveries
  4. Loading legacy balances

Customizing It For You

Not Scanned Assets are classified using the same hierarchy as unique assets, Category, Group, Type, Product Code. There are a number of configurations regarding Not-Scanned Assets related to different areas of TrackAbout Functionality. A few are named below. Reach out to your Implementation Specialist or TrackAbout Support to discuss these options.

  • Customer Audit
    • Hide Not Scanned Assets During Audit Summary
    • Show Absolute Difference in Audit Reconciliation?
  • Delivery
    • Increase Customer Not-Scanned Balance to Prevent Failed RNS
  • Device Action Specific Options
    • Enable Not-Scanneds on Sort Delivery/Trip, Load, Unload Truck, and Branch Transfer Send actions?
  • Deliver/Return
    • Max NS Quantity User Can Enter at a Time
  • Fill
    • Enable Fill by Product Code and Quantity
  • General
    • Auto Reclassify RNS?
    • Barcode for Not-Scanned Assets
    • Prevent Verifying Records With One Or More Attached Assets Do Not Have Product Codes
    • Support Product Code for Not-scanned Assets?
    • Use Not-Scanned Identities
  • Paperless Delivery
    • Prevent Delivering Items Not On Order
  • Record Editing Options
    • Show 'Increase Customer Balance' Record Edit Option
  • Truck Load/Unload
    • Enable Non-Holder Not Scanned Assets
    • Include Uninitialized Product In Truck Reconciliation Counts



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