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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Navigation
In Module: Core Tracking
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This page describes the basics of moving around your TrackAbout system.

Why do you need it

There are different ways to navigate the TrackAbout site.

How it Works

Quick Search Box

Navigation bar on TA Corp webpage.
  • Contains a set of text fields where you can search using different identifiers. The default fields in this section are:
    • Jump To: Search for any page in the site. Just start typing. If the page you want is at the top of the list, hit ENTER to go there.
    • Barcode: Search for an asset by barcode or tracking number. Type a barcode and hit the ENTER key.
    • Customer: Search for a customer by Customer ID. Type the customer ID and hit the ENTER key.
    • Invoice: Search for invoices or delivery tickets using an invoice number. Type the number and hit the ENTER key.

Hint: Typing the first letter of any search box name will automatically put your cursor into it so you can begin typing your search term

You can add or remove search fields on your My Preferences page. You can also choose whether to display the Quick Search box at the top or bottom of the page.

When the cursor is in a Quick Search field, pressing the ESC key will clear the box.

Quick Links

  • Located at the top right section of the TrackAbout website, a group of buttons takes you to frequently used pages:
    • My Prefs: Contains pages to change your personal settings
    • Help/Wiki: This button drops down a search box that also contains a link to the TrackAbout Wiki where you can find additional support on many topics
    • Contact Support: This button drops down a menu containing all the information you will need to contact the TrackAbout support team
    • Logout: Logs you out of TrackAbout
Navigation bar on TA Corp webpage.

Menu Bar

  • Located along the left side of the page, this is where you can navigate to all the other areas of the TrackAbout website
  • Click on a menu item to expand a list of pages in that category:
    • Management Reports: Contains all types of reports to help you manage your assets, fills, deliveries and more
    • Lot Reports: Contains reports and search pages for anything having to do with lots
    • Regular Maintenance: One of the more important menu items, this category contains all the pages you will need to make sure the data in your TrackAbout system is clean and accurate
    • Customers: Contains all things customer related, from pages to add new customers and view customer lists, to reports based on customer activity
    • Locations: Manage your company locations with the pages located here
    • Search: Contains additional search options for more specific and advanced searches
    • Integration: Allows you to import invoice and customer information into TrackAbout, and provides information about the TrackAbout APIs
    • Create Records: Add records to TrackAbout that would normally be created through TA Mobile
    • TrackAbout Config: Gives you control over users, product codes, website access and more
    • My Setup: Contains pages to change your personal settings
    • Alerts: Manage email alerts on these pages
    • Mobile Units: Contains all pages relating to mobile devices, including a mobile unit list and software downloads page

Customizing it for You

Depending on the modules you are using and the permissions your user has, your navigation options may be different than what is described here.

If you need any of the functionality described under the Customizing it for You section, please contact your TrackAbout Support Team