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MyMobiler: Download, Installation and Configuration.

The MyMobiler desktop application allows you to control your handheld device through USB connection or WiFi. It allows you to see your mobile device remotely and capture the screen or video. What you see in the desktop application is mirroring your device screen and you can interact with your device using the mouse and keyboard. It allows you to:

  • Control your device using your desktop keyboard and mouse.
  • Capture the screen and video.
  • Copy/Cut/Paste text between device and desktop.
  • Transfer files between device and desktop.

This Application requires an ActiveSync / WiFi Connection, ActiveSync (also known as the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC))learn more here. Microsoft ActiveSync and WMDC
Also, your mobile device operating system (OS) has to be Windows Mobile 5.0 / 6.0 / 6.5
You can check your OS version by Clicking on Start Menu > Settings > Systems > About
Or Clicking on Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > System
Depending on your device.
The Operating System of your Computer should be at least Windows XP or Higher.

Downloading MyMobiler for Windows Mobile

The Install file for MyMobiler for Windows Mobile Can be found here: http://mymobiler.com/windowsmobile.html#install

  • Download the .exe file.
  • Save the file to an easily accessible location (like your desktop or downloads folder)
  • Run the install file.
  • Follow the instructions to install the application.
  • Be sure to click yes when asked if you want to launch MyMobiler
Installing on your Handheld Device
  • Connect your handheld device to the computer with the USB Cable or Dock.
  • Windows mobile device center should open automatically.
  • Click on "Connect without setting up your device"
  • Click on the small triangle in the notifications area of your taskbar to bring up the desktop tray menu
  • Right click on the MyMobiler Icon
  • Click on Configure mobile > Install (to install MyMobiler on your device)
  • Wait for the prompt indicating that your device is connected
  • Click Open Mobiler on the MyMobiler Menu to open the desktop application