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Mobile Roles

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Mobile Roles/en
In Module: Core Tracking
Short Description Mobile Roles are used to limit the actions of the handheld to just those actions that a given kind of user needs to use.
Available In: TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile 6 Rugged, TAMobile Android, TAMobile iOS
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A typical mobile user needs to access only a handful of the actions available in the mobile software. Mobile Roles are used to define the mobile actions that users can perform.

Why do you need it

Every workforce has a diverse set of employees with different responsibilities. As a manager, you want to give your employees access to perform only the particular duties which they are assigned. This can even be important for compliance to ensure that only users who are trained on a certain procedure have the ability to perform it.

How it Works

Managing Mobile Roles

Create A New Role

-Go to the Mobile Roles page in the Mobile Units section of the site:


-Click on the "Add A New Mobile Role" link:

MobileRoles AddLink.jpg

-Name the role
-Choose the kind of users you will be assigning to the role you are creating:

  • Internal Users: Your employees
  • Follow-On Tracking Users: Your customers
Follow-On Tracking is a module that allows your customers to see their tracking data. If you are using this feature, then you will need to create a Mobile Role for your Follow-On Tracking Users. For more information, see Follow-On Tracking.
MobileRoles AddPopUp.jpg

-Choose the type of devices this role will be used on:

  • Rugged and Simulator: Choose this option if your devices are rugged Windows-based devices, or if you are using the TAMobile desktop simulator
  • Smartphone and Tablet: Choose this option# if you are using Android or iOS devices

-Click 'OK'

Customize the menu title

-Click on the "Edit this screen title" link to name the menu screen. This text will be viewable to mobile users. Localization is available if translations/multiple language support is needed.

MobileRoles CreateMenuTitle.jpg

Choose action buttons to add

The eight green boxes are slots for buttons on this menu screen. Each button corresponds to an action on a user's mobile device.

You may add buttons in any of the eight slots available. Localization is available for each action if translations/ multiple language support is needed.

The list of actions available is dictated by the TrackAbout Features in use as well as other configuration settings. Please contact your TrackAbout Support Team if you have any questions about your list of actions.

To remove an action from a role, click the red X.

MobileRoles AddActionLink.jpg

Be sure to click "Save This Role" after making any changes.

Create Additional Menu Screens for the Role

This is not always needed, but if more Menu Screens are wanted for a given Mobile Role, then click the "Add Another Menu Screen" button to add another menu screen.

MobileRoles AddMenuLink.jpg

Here a role is shown that now has two menu screens. The users on the handheld computers will see one screen at a time. The users will be able to easily move between these screens.

MobileRoles NewMenu.jpg

At this point you can choose what you want to do next:

  • Save This Role: save without assigning any users to it
  • Save And Assign Users: save the role and assign users to it
  • Delete This Role: Completely remove the role from the system

Assign Users to the Role

Click on the "Save and Assign Users" button at the bottom of the Manage Mobile Role page.

The next screen is used to assign users to this role (shown below)

The top of the page filters this list of Available Users (the list of users on the right).

Below use the > and < buttons to move users into and out of the role.

Be sure to click the "OK" button at the bottom of the page to save the changes to the users

MobileRoles ManageUsers.jpg

Users can also be assigned to roles from the Edit Internal Users page. TrackAbout Config > Internal users. For more information visit Internal Users.

Once logged in to TrackAbout on a mobile device, users will see the actions based on the configured roles to which they are assigned.

Managing Mobile Roles

Once a role has been created, there are three options on the List Mobile Roles page:

  • Edit: (Click on the role name) change the properties of the mobile role
  • Manage Users: add or remove users from the mobile role
  • Clone: create an exact copy of the mobile role

Customizing it for You

Using the functionality as described above, mobile roles can be entirely customized for your needs. If you have any questions about mobile roles, please contact your TrackAbout Support Team


Users with Multiple Roles

  • A user can be assigned multiple roles. The configured screens for each role will appear one after another on the mobile device.


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