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Mobile Printing and Proof of Delivery Receipt

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TrackAbout Module
Module Name: Mobile Printing and Proof of Delivery Receipt
Short Description TrackAbout Mobile Printing enables the creation of delivery receipt paperwork in the field using a Bluetooth or otherwise-connected printer.
Supported In: TAMobile 5, TAMobile 6 Rugged, TAMobile 6 Desktop
Business Process: Distribution
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Proof of Delivery Receipt or Mobile printing


This feature is included with the Proof of Delivery (POD) module or can be purchased separately. This module allows a driver to leave his office without any paperwork and print the paperwork immediately on-site with the end user rather than bring pre-printed paperwork with them. This feature requires a TrackAbout certified Bluetooth printer.

How it Works

To use this feature, a bluetooth printer is connected to a mobile device. Then, during an action that supports receipt printing, the user can choose to print a receipt. The actions that support receipt printing are:

  • Delivery
  • Bulk Delivery

Pair Printer With TAMobile6

Information about pairing an O'Neil Bluetooth printer with your TAMobile6 handheld can be found here.

Mobile Printer List

A mobile printer is automatically added to the Mobile Printer List page (TAM6 devices only), on the TrackAbout website, the first time that is used to print a delivery action on a handheld, and that handheld is synced to the environment.

Fields that are automatically pre-populated when the printer is added to the Mobile Printer List are:

  • Serial Number: The manufacture supplied serial number. This number is unique to the device and cannot be changed.
  • Model: The name of the printer model returned from the device. The Model name cannot be changed.
  • Manufacture Date: The date the mobile printer was manufactured.
  • Firmware Version: The current firmware version running on the device.
  • First Time Seen: The first time the printer was used by a mobile device to print a record.
  • Last Printed Record: Clicking the date/time hyperlink will take the user to the delivery action that was last printed by the printer.

You are not able to manually add mobile printers to the Mobile Printer List; however, they can be manually deleted.

MobilePrinter List.png

By clicking "Edit," the user may enter the Name of the printer, and add any Notes that the user may want to associate with the printer. This is also where a user can delete the printer if it is no longer being used.


Mobile Printing Receipt Sample

Mobile Printing - Receipt Sample.png