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Mobile Ordering

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Mobile Ordering
In Module: Smartphone App
Short Description Allow your operators to submit Orders for assets right from their mobile device.
Available In: TAMobile Android, TAMobile iOS
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TrackAbout mobile users can now create customer orders or inter-branch transfer orders from an iOS or Android device.

This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where:

  • Sales personnel are visiting customers who decide they are ready to receive or return assets
  • Job Site supervisors or Project Managers need to order additional tools or equipment for a job/project

Why do you need it

Reduce paperwork, phone calls and emails to communicate with Ordering / Warehouse Managers.

How it Works

NOTE: See a detailed review of the entire mobile ordering process in this Mobile Ordering presentation

Create Order

From TrackAbout’s Android or iOS application, users will select Create Order

First, you’ll choose the order type, Customer/Job Site Delivery or Inter-Branch Transfer.

Depending on the kind of Order you’re creating, you will then enter:

  • Customer or Location receiving the order
  • Planned Delivery Date
  • Purchase Order Number (if applicable)
  • Order Details – These are notes specific to the order such as “Deliver to Foreman’s Shed”, “Delivery to be received by Walter”.

Next, add items for Delivery or Return based on product code and quantity. There are three ways to do this:

  • Manually search for product codes and enter by quantity
  • Scan an existing asset to look up its Product Code and add that product to the order
  • Click the button to 'Return All Assets at Customer' to identify all known assets at the customer/jobsite and edit the Delivery and Return quantities for those specific products

Finally, review your Order and Save.

  • Select order type
  • Enter order details
  • Select product code
  • Adjust quantities
  • Scan an existing asset
  • Review and save

Order Planning

As long as you have a wireless or cellular connection, order information submitted from your iOS or Android device will be immediately saved to your TrackAbout website.

TrackAbout can be configured to assign an email to each internal location/branch. When orders are submitted, an email will be sent to the location’s contact to alert them of the new order. For information on how to manage orders, see Order Planning.

How to get started

Users need to be subscribers to the TrackAbout iOS/Android application. Read here for more information and please contact your TrackAbout Support Team or your Trackabout Sales Representative to get started.

Customizing it for You

Your TrackAbout Support Team will help you configure a default order number format to generate a unique order number each time a new order is submitted, and will enable the ability for you to set a default email template to be sent to a location's contact for new orders.



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