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Maintenance Tracking & Scheduling

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TrackAbout Module
Module Name: Maintenance Tracking & Scheduling/en
Short Description This module allows an operator or multiple operators to record maintenance activity being performed on your assets. Assets can be flagged for maintenance during inspection scanning.
Supported In: TAMobile 5, TAMobile 6 Rugged, TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile Android, TAMobile iOS
Business Process: Asset Management
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The Challenge

  • You have assets that require maintenance
  • You need to track completed maintenance
  • You need to know what preventative maintenance is coming due
  • You need to ensure that established procedures or processes have been followed
  • You need to know which standard was used in a certain procedure


TrackAbout's Maintenance Module provides functionality for recording, tracking and reporting maintenance and other internal procedures used in your business to manage your assets..

Maintenance information can be collected both from your handheld or the TrackAbout website.

TrackAbout Maintenance Module

The Maintenance Module enables the recording, tracking and reporting of maintenance actions and other procedures used in your business to manage your assets.

By enabling the Maintenance module you can:

  • Report on any completed maintenance
  • Maintain an individual asset's maintenance history
  • Create a list of maintenance actions that will be displayed on the handhelds and can then be performed on your assets
In this example the items like "Oil Change", "Inspection", "Repair", and all other options in the list represent custom maintenance actions

TAM6 Maintenance NoDynamicForms.png

  • With additional configuration, your operators can be alerted to which maintenance actions are needed for the assets that have been scanned.

When combined with the Dynamic forms module, the Maintenance module can also help you to:

  • Establish step-by-step processes to follow for a given maintenance action you need to ensure that established procedures or processes have been followed
  • Record extra information for each kind of maintenance work
  • Enforce that all information is collected and that values are withing acceptable ranges.

Getting Started:

Track Maintenance Performed

  • Work with your TrackAbout representative to create customized maintenance actions. These may be created with or without Dynamic Forms to collect extra info during maintenance actions.
  • Record actions performed on assets
  • Report on actions performed

Track Maintenance Coming Due

  • Create Asset Families to group your assets for maintenance
    • Create an Asset Family Collection. The name used for the collection will be used to identify a group of Asset Families. Go to TrackAbout config > Asset Family Collections. If you do not see the Asset Families page, please contact TrackAbout Support.
    • Create an Asset Family. Asset Families are a subset of Asset Family Collections. The name used for the family will be used to identify your grouping of product codes. Go to TrackAbout config > Asset Families
      • Enter a name, description and select an Asset Family Collection
      • If there are any CustomInfoTypes set up on Asset Families (CustomInfoTypeCategories,) enter that extra information. NOTE: If you need to collect extra information (Custom Info) about an Asset Family, please contact TrackAbout Support to get it set up.
      • Make sure it is active and Save
      • Now you can assign specific asset classifications to this Asset Family. Click on Add Classification and select the needed Category, Group and Type.
  • Create an Action Schedule for this Asset Family
    • Go to Action Schedules page under TrackAbout Config. If you don't have access to this page, go to the User Access Control page, and enable "edit action schedules."
    • Create a new action schedule entering name, description and all details such as:
      • Action must be performed every X days.
      • Report on required actions Y days before they are due.
      • Click the check boxes to select maintenance actions required for the Action Schedule to be considered complete.
      • Select the Asset Family to which this particular Action Schedule should apply.
      • Click the "Create Action Schedule" button to save.
  • Report on maintenance coming due
    • Jump to page: Action Schedule: Assets Coming Due
    • Select Action Schedule from the drop-down list.
    • Select the "Sort Order" from the drop-down list.
    • Check box if you wish to include assets that never received maintenance
    • Run the report

Refer to Maintenance Action Schedules for more info on Schedules