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Load truck

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Load truck
In Module: Truck Load Unload and Reconciliation
Short Description The Load Truck action moves assets onto a truck.
Available In: TAMobile 5, TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile 6 Rugged, TAMobile Android, TAMobile iOS
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The Load Truck action moves assets onto a truck. Once moved, the assets are now part of the inventory of the truck. The assets will stay in the inventory of the truck until another action is performed on them to move them.

The Load Truck action is included functionality as part of the Truck Load/Unload Module. It can also be a valuable feature in support of the DOT Truck Manifest module.

TAM7 Load Truck

File:Smarthphone Load Truck.pptx

File:TAM 7 Unload Truck.pptx

TAM6 Load Truck

Operators will first be asked to enter the Truck ID. The application will conduct a check to ensure the ID entered belongs to a valid Truck.

Next, loaders will scan assets. TAM6 can be configured to allow operators to load uniquely barcoded assets, not scanned assets, and hardgoods (consummables).

TAM6 Load Truck.png

Once all assets have been added to the action, click Save to complete the record.

TAM5 Load Truck

  • On the handheld's Truck tab, select Load Truck. (If this button is not visible, please contact TrackAbout support)
  • Select the Truck to be loaded.


 - This drop down shows a list of available trucks. After selecting the truck, all assets scanned in the next screen will be added to the inventory of that truck. Note: Trucks are created in TrackAbout as Locations of Location Type "Truck".

 - The user can scan a truck id barcode rather than select that truck from the list with the stylus. Some TrackAbout clients tape truck id barcodes onto the backs of their trucks to increase the speed and accuracy of truck selection. See the Mobile Units > Shortcut barcodes page on the site for more information about creating truck id barcodes.