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Internal Users

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Internal Users/en
In Module: Core Tracking
Short Description Establish and Manage User Accounts
Available In: TAMobile 5, TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile 6 Rugged, TAMobile Android, TAMobile iOS
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This page is used both to add new internal users and edit existing internal users.

NOTE: The Internal Users page will vary slightly depending on specific client configurations. If you see information contained in these pages that are of use to you but not currently available through your site, please contact TrackAbout Support.

How it Works

Managing Internal Users

Navigate to the Internal Users page through the QuickSearch box in the top left corner of the website or through the Menu under TrackAbout Config:

JumpTo Internal Users.png

The Internal Users page will display any existing user profiles and include various pieces of information about those accounts. Each row displaying a user profile will have links to Edit the profile or Delete the profile.

Internal Users page.png

Creating a User

When creating a new user profile, click the link in the top right corner of the User Profile table titled Add New User.

Add New User.png

  1. Users must be given both a first and last name and assigned to an internal location.
  2. Choose a home location.
  3. Accounting ID. This field is optional and can be used for those clients who assign accounting numbers to their personnel.
  4. If your TrackAbout instance requires multiple languages, this needs to be set up through TrackAbout Support. Once this is done, a drop down will be available through the User Profile:


Mobile Unit and Web Access

Next, you need to decide to which platforms the user should have access (access levels/roles are assigned later). The options are:

  • Website
  • TrackAbout Rugged - this gives the user access to sign in to Windows mobile rugged devices using TrackAbout
  • TAMobile Desktop - this is a desktop (Windows) version of the rugged software
  • TAMobile Android/iOS - smartphone/tablet application

User Access Internal Users.png


  • If a user is given Web Access, that user must be given either an E-mail Address or a Login Username.
  • The Website and TAMobile Android/iOS platforms share the same user credentials (if both are enabled). Users do not have to be set with access to both platforms.
  • Users that are not given access to any mobile or Website platforms are considered disabled and cannot perform any actions within TrackAbout.

Rugged Mobile Passwords

TrackAbout can enforce the mobile passwords on the rugged mobile units (includes desktop version). If the feature is enabled and the user has Rugged or Desktop Access, a mobile password text box will be available.

If the user has already been assigned a mobile password, you will see a note next to the password box. If the note is not present, you will have to enter a mobile password for the user before being able to save your changes.

Record the assigned password so you can tell the user his or her password. You will not be able to view the password once it has been set. You can always reset the mobile password by returning to this page.
See Password Security for more information about configuring secure mobile and website passwords.

Web Site and Android/iOS Passwords

All users given Web or Android/iOS Access must have a password. The Internal Users page can be used to assign a password or send the user a Welcome E-Mail. The Welcome E-mail contains a message informing the user about how to set up new credentials.

If you do not assign the user a password and you do not send a Welcome E-Mail, the user will not be able to log in.

See Password Security for more information about configuring secure mobile and website passwords.

Roles and Permissions

This section allows you to select the predefined levels of access you would like this user to have for the platforms selected above. InternalUserPermissions.jpg

Website Roles

User access levels for viewing, adding, and changing data on the TrackAbout website are controlled by website roles. Website users that are not assigned any roles will still have a minimum and very restricted level of access within TrackAbout.

Please see the page on User Access Control for more information about managing Website roles.

Mobile Roles

User access levels for performing actions on rugged devices, Android/iOS devices, and the Desktop application are controlled by mobile roles.

Please see the page on Mobile Roles for more information about managing mobile roles.

Location Restricted Users

User functionality can be limited to selected locations. If a user is limited in this manner, s/he is known as a location-restricted user. A location-restricted user can only see assets which are in the location(s) to which s/he has been given access, including assets at customers to whose servicing location the user has access.

Set up and Configuration

Before Internal User accounts can be restricted to specific locations, there should be a Role set up via User Access Control for Location Restricted Users. Review the User_Access_Control page for information about how to set up the role.

Once a Location Restricted User role is in place, clients can assign Internal User accounts to specific locations. This is done through editing individual accounts through the Roles and Permissions section of the Edit Internal Users page.

When you select Specific Locations under Authorized Locations, the new Location Specific Role will appear under the Roles and Permissions section.

Authorized Locations

See the page for Location Restricted Users for more information.

Bulk Load Users

Bulk Load Internal Users

If you need to create several internal user accounts at one time, there is a tool to allow you to bulk load new users.

Navigate to the Bulk Load Users page, either by typing the page title in the Jump To search box, or by using the Left Pane Navigation menu to click on TrackAbout Config and then Bulk Load Users.

Use the page's detailed instructions for formatting and loading your data. This brief video will also give you an overview of how the page works.


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