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Customer Portal (Follow-On Tracking)

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TrackAbout Module
Module Name: Customer Portal (Follow-On Tracking)
Short Description TrackAbout’s Follow-On Tracking module grants your customers controlled access to a restricted view of your TrackAbout web site so they can track and view information for assets at their locations. With your permission, they can be granted the ability to move assets internally within locations throughout their facility.
Supported In: TAMobile 5, TAMobile 6 Rugged, TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile Android, TAMobile iOS
Business Process: Asset Management, Distribution
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The Challenge

  • You sell the same products as your competitors and so need to find ways to differentiate your company from competitors.
  • You have customers that demand the ability to see assets and deliveries online.


The Customer Tracking Portal Module is used to allow your customers to log into TrackAbout and see information on assets and deliveries.

  • Grant your customers permission to log into TrackAbout and view information about their assets.
  • Permissions are limited so a customer can only see their own information.
  • A customer can set up administrator users and manage their own logins.
  • With permission, customers can move assets around internally.
    • This can be done from the website or with their own handhelds.

How it works

Visible Data

  • Asset Balance: View asset balance as of now or as of a time in the past.
  • Asset List: View detailed asset list including tracking numbers, days on hand, expiration dates, lot numbers, delivery ticket number, etc..
  • On Rent Report: View deliveries of assets that are still on the customers balance and their calculated days on rent.
  • Transfer Activity: Proof of delivery confirmations including signature capture and POs.
  • Asset Search: Find assets by tracking number or search on other characteristics.
  • Delivery Search: Search for delivery by invoice number or PO number.
  • Inventory Worksheet: Printable worksheet for doing an inventory audit - including tracking numbers of unique assets.
  • Unexpected Transfers: View cases where one department returns assets assigned to another department.
  • Certificates of Analysis: Look up Certificates of Analysis (COAs) by lot# or for an individual asset.
  • Move assets: Move assets from website or from mobile handheld computer.
  • View Readings: View use point readings of telemetry devices.

Customer Tracking Portal Levels

Each end customer falls into one of these two levels of overall permissions:

Viewer Level

  • View information about assets and deliveries.
  • Manage internal users and their permissions.

Tracker Level

  • View information about assets and deliveries.
  • Manage internal users and their permissions.
  • Create internal inventory locations.
  • Move assets around via the website.
  • Move assets around using mobile computers with or without scanners.

TAM7 Actions

Customer Tracking Portal Trackers with access to TAM7 on iOS and Android devices have the following options:

Move Assets

  • User selects target location to move assets to.
  • User scans or manually enters barcodes or serial numbers.
  • User saves the record.

Android Move Assets

Configuring Customer Tracking Portal for Your Customers

Customer Tracking Portal is configured right through your TrackAbout web interface. Once the module has been purchased you will need TrackAbout Support personnel to "Turn-On" the module for you. Once the module has been made available, all the configuration can be completed yourself, at your own convenience.

For more detailed information about configuring your system for Customer Tracking Portal please see this page: Setting Up Customer Tracking Portal