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Deliver/Return Action

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Deliver/Return Action
In Module: Core Tracking
Short Description Allow users to deliver ordered goods to a customer and possibly pick up returnable or empty goods.
Available In: TAMobile 5, TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile 6 Rugged, TAMobile Android, TAMobile iOS
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This action is sometimes called Basic Delivery (or Standard Delivery, or Standard Deliver/Return, or Non-Paperless Delivery). This is the delivery workflow that customers who do not use Proof of Delivery would use.

At its heart, the core of delivery is that a user, usually a truck driver, is fulfilling an order. They are delivering ordered goods to a customer and possibly picking up returnable or empty goods.


This action provides the following capabilities, many of which are enabled or disabled by configuration:

TAM6 Standard Delivery Work Flow

The screens shown on the handheld will vary depending on how your Delivery feature is configured. Here is a graphic to show some of the possible workflows:

CF Standard Delivery Workflow.png

NOTE: If using the Truck Load / unload module, the user logged in must be set up as a Truck Driver in order for his/her deliveries to be included when reconciling the truck load at the end of the day.


TrackAbout provides a delivery verification process to manage transactions being made with your customers. Please refer to Key Concepts for more information about verifications.

Demo and Questions

Please feel free to contact our Support Team to set up a demonstration and answer your questions about Standard Delivery.

Delivery: No Barcode Button Flow Chart