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Business Rules

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Business Rules
In Module: Core Tracking
Short Description Rules for defining workflows
Available In: TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile 6 Rugged
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TrackAbout supports many business rules which are enforced in many places. The most common is to say that action X cannot be done unless the cylinder is in status A or B. However, many business rules are supported.

Business Rules: Preventing Entry Errors


Entering a last retest (hydraulic) date that is older that the manufacturer’s date.

Entering a last retest date or manufacturer’s date that is in the future.

Checking validity of valve lot and serial number entries based on patterns.

TrackAbout is aware of various common cylinder markings that can be mistaken for serial numbers, such as DOT numbers, and will not accept these as valid serial numbers.

Business Rules: Preventing Process Errors


Selecting a valve that isn’t applicable to the service of the cylinder.

Selecting a water capacity that isn’t applicable to the service of the cylinder.

Filling products at higher pressures than the fill ramp allows.

Business Rules: Validating Attributes


Retest period has not passed.

Valve expiration date has not passed .

Cylinder manufacturer is valid.

Barcode scanned is valid based on a list of known-good patterns plus various checksum algorithms.

Cylinder working pressure must match fill pressure.

Cylinder has not been in toxic/hydrogen service, preventing it from being in other product services.

Cylinder has all the required attributes recorded in the system in order to be filled (i.e. not missing serial number, manufacturer date, etc).

Business Rules: Validating Product Families


Ramps are connected to raw material tanks and a set of products.

Cylinders being sorted onto a pallet are incompatible filling families.

Cylinders being filled together are in compatible filling families.

Business Rules: Validating Users


Operators can only fill on ramps to which they have been assigned.

Operators can only fill particular products to which they have been assigned.

Business Rules: Validating Cylinder Status


Cylinders that are empty and haven’t been sorted (inspected) cannot be filled.

Cylinders that are full cannot be filled again.

Cylinders that are scrapped are not recognized.

Cylinders requiring analysis that have not been analyzed cannot be delivered.

Cylinders that are not full cannot be delivered.

Cylinders that are in quarantine cannot be delivered, and are not full.

Cylinders that are blocked cannot be used at any point in the process until the block has been cleared in maintenance.

Cylinders that are recalled cannot be used.

Cylinders that are in a complaint status cannot be used until the complaint has been resolved.