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Branch Transfer Send and Receive

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Branch Transfers (aka internal deliveries, warehouse runs, stocking deliveries, etc) is a TrackAbout POD feature that lets you track assets being moved between internal locations using a branch transfer order and a handheld/mobile running TrackAbout Mobile 6 and TrackAbout Mobile 7.

Branch Transfer Send and Branch Transfer Receive actions break the combined loading/delivery action in Branch Transfer into two distinct and separate actions – loading (sending) and delivery (receiving) – which can be run independently at the load point and the delivery point, independent of a truck or a particular driver.

With Branch Transfer Send, assets (scanned and non-scanned alike) are registered to a branch transfer order using TrackAbout Mobile 6 or 7, transported, then registered as delivered when they arrive at their destination, using Branch Transfer Receive.

Branch Transfer Send and Branch Transfer Receive give you flexibility Branch Transfers does not. Since all scans happen at the docks on either end, drivers no longer need a handheld or company vehicle for branch transfers. Using Branch Transfer Send and Branch Transfer Receive also cuts down on the number of scan points throughout the transfer process, increasing efficiency – even more if you’re using Automatic Receiving.

Using Branch Transfer Send on TAM7

Tap Branch Transfer Send to begin.


Scan an open branch transfer invoice or trip tag.


Once you’ve selected an order, tap Next.

The items in the order are displayed next, along with the quantity ordered and quantity already added (Actual).


Add the required number of tracked assets to the transfer by scanning them.

For non-scanned assets, tap their line item and adjusting the quantities manually up to the number ordered (or higher if the option to add more than the number ordered to the transfer has been enabled in your system).


Click DONE once you have adjusted the quantities to return to the previous screen.

Once you’ve added the minimum required number of assets to the order and all the line items are highlighted in green, tap SAVE.

Using Branch Transfer Receive on TAM7

To manually register the assets being received, begin by tapping Branch Transfer Receive on your mobile device. Note: If you’re using Automatic Receiving, the assets will automatically be registered as received without needing to be scanned in on delivery.


Scan the invoice or the trip tag of the branch transfer order you’re receiving. Tap the scanner icon to open the barcode scanner.


Once you’ve selected an order, tap Next.


The items in the selected branch transfer order are displayed next.

All item quantities are at zero until you register the assets being received.


For tracked assets, scan to register them.

For non-scanned assets, tap a line item to manually register them.


Once you’ve registered all the assets being received and it matches with the quantities that were sent, tap SAVE to confirm the transfer.