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TrackAbout Release Notes


Getting Started

Use our Getting Started Guides to help you start tracking now:



TrackAbout runs on two supported platforms

  • TAMobile 7 (iOS/Android) - runs on smartphones and tablets using iOS and Android.
  • TAMobile 6 (Compact Framework) - this platform runs on Windows rugged devices


Mobile Device Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting problems with mobile computers and synchronization

Hardware Repair

Pricing information for buying common scanning hardware from TrackAbout



Answers to frequently asked questions



Simple answers to various issues


Key Concepts

List of key concepts; this is like a glossary or list of terms


Module Overviews

List and description of modules and features by platform.


Custom Reports

Information on purchasing and requesting custom reports.


Tracking Labels

Information about tracking labels/tags. TrackAbout customers traditionally used barcodes, QR Codes or RFID tags.


TrackAbout API and Integration Points

Describes the public Application Programmer Interface for integrating with TrackAbout and other points of integration.


Contact Us - Use This for Critical and Urgent Issues

Contact information for TrackAbout support and information regarding system maintenance windows.


Training Videos

Growing library of On-Demand Training Videos