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Training Videos

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YouTube Channel

TrackAbout maintains a YouTube channel which provides training videos. You can find these videos embedded on various Trackabout Wiki pages or you may go directly to the Trackabout YouTube Channel to review them all.

TrackAbout Application Website

Application Website Basics
(5:09 min) Site navigation overview, menu bar, user preferences, help and support resource.
TrackAbout Dashboard- Understanding Daily Workflow
(1:05 min) Overview of key elements of the TrackAbout Dashboard.
TrackAbout Dashboard Training-Live
(1:18 min) Senior Support Specialist Louise Pickett walks clients through the TrackAbout Dashboard.

Mobile Devices

Downloading and Installing Software
(8 min) How to download and install all necessary software for mobile devices and PCs.
Mobile Device Sync Troubleshooting
(10:51 min) Steps for troubleshooting mobile device connection issues.


What Are Asset Agreements
(2:45 min) Discusses the different types of asset agreements.
Adding or Editing Asset Agreements
(4:43 min) Shows how to create and edit asset agreements.
Renewing Asset Agreements
(4:20 min) Shows how to renew asset agreements.