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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Reports
In Module:
Short Description TrackAbout Support can create customized reports for you provide through the TrackAbout website or email subscription
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  • TrackAbout Support can create customized reports for you.
  • These reports can be either emailed to you on a schedule or they can appear in the Custom Reports section of your site.
  • See the information below about these customized reports.


Report Creation

The standard price for setting up a reports is a one-time fee of US$699 per report. This applies to both Custom Reports and Scheduled Reports.

Some reports maybe be too large and complicated for this fee and may require a special quote. We will let you know if that is the case. There is no charge to contact us and discuss or estimate a report.

Report Changes

Changes to existing custom reports will be charged at $250 per hour.

Report Request

To request a report, please fill out the Custom Report Template here and send it to Support along with a description of the problem the report is solving: File:CustomReportTemplate.xlsx

For more details or questions, please contact TrackAbout Support.

Getting the Data

There are two different ways that you can get these reports.

Scheduled Reports

  • For these reports, TrackAbout will set up a schedule for when the report is emailed to a list of recipients.
    • For example: The 2nd of every month
    • Another example: Every Sunday
  • Unlike the Custom Reports, these scheduled reports do not support parameters since they are run unattended.
  • The emails are sent between 4-5am US Eastern time. (9-10am UTC/Greenwich Mean Time)
  • The report will be an attachment to the email. This will usually be in Microsoft Excel format, but other formats are available.
  • The report can be sent to as many email addresses as you would like.

Custom Reports

  • Once created, these report are added to the Custom Reports section of your site (left side menu).

Sample Custom Reports page:

CustomReports ExampleWithTwoReports.jpg
  • Permission: Any user with the "View Custom Reports" permission will be able to see all custom reports. Customer Portal (formerly Follow-On Tracking) users do not have access to Custom Reports

Note that TrackAbout plans to give you more control with permissions for individual reports in the future.

  • Users can download the reports from the site.
  • Users can also email reports to one or more email addresses. This is done from the site. See screenshot below...
    • First select the output type and then click to send the results via email:
CustomReports PickToEmail.jpg
  • Then enter the email addresses and click the 'Send' button:
CustomReports EnterEmails.jpg

Input Parameters

Sample of parameter field types

  • Text entry field (type or paste list)
  • Drop-Down list (Cat, Grp, Type, Rental period, etc…)
  • Date/time picker
  • Check Boxes

Output Formats

The output can be in one of these formats

  • Excel: This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file. It is a 'real' spreadsheet file where you can sum the rows and do whatever else you can normally do in Excel.
  • PDF: Adobe PDF format
  • CSV: Comma Separated Value format. This is normally used if you want to import the data into some other system.
  • XML: This is normally only used if you want to import the data into some other system.