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Consumables and Hard Goods

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TrackAbout Feature
Feature Name: Consumables and Hard Goods
In Module: Core Tracking
Short Description TrackAbout provides the ability to deliver and bill for items non-returnable items.
Available In: TAMobile 6 Desktop, TAMobile 6 Rugged
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What are Consumables and Hard Goods? These are items that you provide to you customers which you don’t expect them to return. These could be items such as medical tubing, welding wire, gloves, goggles, etc. You may not need to track each of these items individually, but you need to know how many and of what type made it to the customer. You can deliver these, and bill them, right out of TrackAbout.

TrackAbout provides the ability to deliver consumable and hard good items to customers right along side with tracked assets. In addition, when using Equipment Rental through the TrackAbout Rental module, you can bill customers for those items on the same TrackAbout rental invoice generated for regular monthly rental.

The Hard Goods feature is part of our Proof of Delivery (POD) module.

Creating New Hard Goods

Just like for other assets tracked within TrackAbout, all Consumables will have Product Codes associated with them.
Hard Goods or Consumables can be added from Consumable Good Product Code page.


Click on the Add New Product Code link to add a new hard good.
The added hard goods can be marked as deactivated if the code is no longer needed.

Clients can include the UPC number in the Hardgood Product Description (after the description). When users scan the UPC code for the product in the filter, the system will recognize the UPC number as part of the description and bring up the correct product.

Consumables on TrackAbout Mobile

We have the ability to include hard goods in different device specific actions e.g. Delivery action.

Consumable/Hard Goods Delivery Sequence

Note: The screens shown are subject to change.

Click on Hard Goods.

Type a filter to start displaying items, then click "Add Filter".
Select an item from the list and click Continue.

Enter quantity delivered and click Continue.
Check delivered items and quantities.
Final check. Collect signature then save and print the Proof of Delivery receipt.

Scanning Consumables

The hardgoods filter box used to select a Hardgood product during delivery is a scannable field. Clients can use this field to their advantage by including the UPC number in the Hardgood Product Description on the AWS. This way when users scan the UPC code for the product, the filter will recognize the UPC number as part of the description and bring up the correct product. We recommend clients include this UPC number at the end of the product code description. https://www.trackabout.com/clt/setup/hardgoodCodes.aspx

This works in regular deliveries and Proof Of Delivery (POD).

Hardgood barcode.png

Charging for Consumables

Setting up Consumable Rates

Purchase prices for Consumables are set up in similar ways to rental rates (for example Standard Rates, Rate Brackets and Customer Rate Tables). Once Hard Goods exist in TrackAbout, the Standard Rates page, the Edit-Rates section of the Rate Brackets page, and the Edit-Rates section of the Customer-Specific-Rates page will all show a section for Hard Goods where Hard Goods' rates can be set.

Consumables can be billed with Equipment Rental only. They cannot be billed with Cylinder Rental.

Displaying Consumables on Rental Invoices

Consumables can be invoiced along with TrackAbout Rental Bills. This would be a one time charge and would display at the bottom of a normal rental invoice.